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Towards Sustainable Business

We believe that our long-term development closely relates to the protection of global environment. Therefore, our strategy has sustainable targets as well as financial targets.

As a diecasting factory, it is impossible for us to get rid of all the pollution. However, we have made 5 concrete areas that we can work with to reduce the environmental pollution and at the same time, help our business partners and customers achieve their environmental goals.

Recycled Certified Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum can be repeatedly recycled without a decline in materials performance or quality. By committing to using SCS recycled certified aluminum alloy, we help reduce environmental pollution caused by the production of raw aluminum, save energy, and reduce industrial wastes. We have used recycled aluminum to produce a lot of quality products for our customers.

In addition, we have our own wood products FSC-certified. That means that the wood comes from either sustainable forests or other responsible sources. Using sustainable certified wood help promote responsible forestry and achieve ecologically, socially and economically favored goals.

Cut CO2 From Our Own Operations

We strictly control carbon emissions during our production. In 2013, we began to use electricity as the main energy consumption of our factory, while most of the other diecasting factories were still using carbon and diesel. Starting from 2023, we use green electricity generated by photovoltaic power and further reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. In 2024, we obtained GRS certification, indicating that the recycled materials, production and sales supervision chain, social and environmental practices used by the whole company comply with the global recycling standards.

In the future, we will keep tracking our carbon footprints and taking responsibility on environmental protection.

Responsible Packaging

Packaging material is important. We need to make sure that our products are well protected during transport and at the same time, we can reduce our environmental impact with responsible packaging. This means every time we design the packages, we will minimize our packaging material consumption. We will also strive to use and look for recycled and/or recyclable materials to pack our goods.


Our target is to ensure that we recycle more waste from our production internally and the waste we do not reuse internally must be upcycled for new purposes externally i.e., creating new products. By doing this, the wasted materials do not end up in landfills, and the need for new materials is also reduced, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Load Optimisation

Our products are delivered to our customers via sea or road. The rational use of container space is always an issue for us to concern about. For years we have worked on packaging design and supply chain management, to minimise empty space, thereby shipping fewer times, fewer containers, and saving CO2. When we are able to transport a higher amount of goods but with a reduced number of containers, we will reduce the impact caused by our transportation considerably.